2010 studio shotThe Wil Hansen Show is a multimedia conversation brand with information, inspiration and pop culture, on the side. Presented by Wil Hansen, a work in progress, just like you.

The media world is full of amazing success stories. People who have made their billions, lost their weight, triumphed over tragedy, beat the odds, changed the world. They’ve marked the finish line for us but, so often, that is still too far to go, too long to reach. The Wil Hansen Show is running along side you, taking a breath, having a chat, through the necessary middle part, between start and finish. We’re in this together, you and I. I know we’ll get there together, even when you don’t. No fire and brimstone, no flash and dash here, just a guy who’s been there, is still there, supporting you on your journey, and inviting you along, on his.

The broadcast, online and LIVE versions of The Wil Hansen Show begin with a monologue based on the days events, some silly, some serious, with humor and the unique perspective of America’s Favorite Handicapped Man ™. The rest of the show is about you, the audience, whether you are on the phone, online or sitting in a live audience, its about you. Where other shows invite you call in, we invite you to be our guest, tell us what is on your mind, and we’ll contact you. Where others use callers to promote their agenda, attitude and approach to life, we want to help our guests get where they want to be with common sense, neighborly advice and putting your story out there our so our guest community can lend a hand as well.
The Wil Hansen Show, broadcast, online, print and LIVE, in 2014.

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